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Stategy Capital Launches Global Macro Fund


Stategy Capital LP, a global multi-asset alternative investment management firm, has launched the Stategy Global Macro Fund LP.




Stategy Capital Launches Global Macro Fund
Stategy Capital Launches Global Macro Fund

Press Release


The Fund pursues a global, unconstrained approach to investing across a diverse selection of highly liquid markets including equities, fixed income, commodities, real estate, and digital assets. The managers employ a multi-level risk management process across the portfolio.

The Denver-headquartered firm is co-founded by industry veterans Joel Fortney, who will serve as chief executive officer; and chief investment officer, Daniel Jerrett, PhD. Fortney was most recently a US large and mid-cap portfolio manager at Principal Global Investors managing over USD6 billion. Jerrett was a macroeconomist at Putnam Investments and most recently a consultant to the investment management industry focusing on applying quantitative investment strategies across asset classes.

“Stategy Capital LP is focused on solving meaningful problems,” says CEO Joel Fortney. “Expansionary monetary policies, lower expected returns and higher undiversifiable volatility levels are challenging investors to identify new investments that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns and diversification benefits to achieve their objectives”.

“The Stategy Global Macro Fund LP seeks to provide a solution,” says CIO Daniel Jerrett. “We apply advanced econometrics and statistics to identify unique behavioural and knowledge inefficiencies in global capital markets. Our team merges new insights with fundamental expertise to act quickly on opportunities within a disciplined risk-management framework”.

The Stategy Global Macro Fund commenced trading on 1 January, 2021. Given the unique tenets of Stategy Capital’s proprietary modelling process, it is anticipated that the portfolio will exhibit distinct correlation benefits and a more consistent long-term risk/return profile when compared to both traditional investments and other hedge fund strategies.

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